Dance venues for your dose of endorphine-inducing exercise

Dance venues for your dose of endorphine-inducing exercise

If there’s one thing that a year of chat about social distancing, isolation and lock-downs has taught us, it’s that contact is key. We are social beings and we need to be together - not just via Zoom - to feel human.

Well, there is nothing more primal, nothing better for the soul than getting together on the dance floor. The thing about bars, clubs and venues is that they’re a lot like the people they attract into them. There is a spot that caters to every kind of person out there and that’s why we love a night out because it’s the perfect way to connect with our tribe! So when we’re next able to sling on a pair of heels - kitten heels for this mum - these are the places we’ll be gallivanting off to...


7 Fort Lane, Auckland Central

Everybody’s. Their late sessions host the very best in the Auckland music scene. It’s actually impossible to wall-flower the night away - dancing is a must.

HI-SO Rooftop Bar

67 Customs Street East, Auckland Central

The HI-SO Rooftop bar in Auckland city is the best place to catch up with friends. It’s also a comfort to know if you get stuck for the night you could always bed down in one of their plush rooms.

Dirty Little Secret

54 Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington

If you’re in the countries capital we’d be tempted to shake a tail feather at Dirty Little Secret which is another bar with a view. There might be a theme here, but what’s not to love about dancing on top of a city?

Dux Central

6 Poplar Street, Christchurch Central

In the Christchurch area we’d be at Dux Central where live music is at the heart of what they do.


There’s a plethora of dance venues in between our most populated cities and each deserve to be frequented for your dose of endorphine-inducing exercise. At the end of the day, that’s what a night out dancing is, it’s exercise and it’s good for us. It has been found to be not only physically beneficial for our health but mentally as well. So it should be enjoyed as a guilt free, self-care necessity.

We have enjoyed a globalised world for so long, with the possibility of a jaunt overseas always at our fingertips. That seems to have come to a grinding halt, for now at least. And while it has, we should show our solidarity with our overseas counterparts, the ones that are dancing in their lounge rooms and kitchens, the ones who can only imagine what it would be like to pack out a dance floor. We owe it to them to get out and cut loose as often as we can because in these uncertain times (yes uncertain, I’m not sure it’s been said enough lately?) it’s hard to know when the supply might be cut off again.

So lets gallivant, lets make hey while the sun doth go down at night and lets connect with the ones we love the best and those we don’t even know yet on any dance floor we can!


Author: Bianca Richardson-Read
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