In the pursuit of creating a place where all women could find timeless pieces of gold jewellery at a reasonable price, Gallivant was created by Rachel Twist in 2020. Today Rachel works with skilled artisans to bring beautifully crafted gold jewellery made to the highest possible standard to customers through her online store. 

Rachel’s birthplace, New Zealand gave her a love of the natural world which inspired her love of design. She studied photography, art and design but when university beckoned most, Rachel yearned for distant shores. She left New Zealand, aged 18 with far too many suitcases and a heart full of wanderlust. A short stint in Australia was followed by travels through Asia and Europe.

The UK was home for seven years where she honed her skills in graphic design. Having the ability to use software to create and live a life immersed in perfecting the aesthetics of different forms of media was fulfilling for many years. But Rachel was soon dreaming of having something where her love of art, fashion and design could be brought together.

Landscapes and architecture have always inspired Rachel on her travels. But it wasn’t just what made a place different that fascinated her, even more than that, it was the things that showed the similarities in human connection that inspired her. In every country she visited she noted that no matter how trying the circumstances for the local populations, women everywhere took pride in their personal appearance and strove to differentiate themselves by creating their own style. It struck her that jewellery is an important part of how we define our own aesthetic.

After 11 years in total gallivanting around the world, Rachel is back in her birthplace. Love followed and she and her Italian partner have set up home in Auckland. Gallivant was born out of a desire to create timeless pieces of gold jewellery that women can treasure while feeling they haven’t had to spend their mortgage deposit to obtain a sense of style.

For the ones who wonder in search of fun, Gallivant is designed to be worn effortlessly, everyday.