Foodies to follow

Foodies to follow

My love of food was born from trauma. Cooking in our house was a chore, a chore done out of love, but not done with a lot of love. And we could taste it! My mother, I don’t mean to throw her under the bus or anything, was a terrible cook. Good food has always excited me and thankfully in the last three decades the food scene has changed dramatically. We eat out more, we're exposed to a wider range of flavours and dabbling in the kitchen is easy thanks to the huge increase in media content about food culture. These are the foodies we follow for inspiration.



Tieghan Gerard runs an impressive Instagram account with 2.9-million followers. This is all backed up with cook books, social media, a website and Pinterest where she posts recipes. They say that you eat with your eyes first and we could snack on her food-photos for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It’s home cooking that’s been completely pimped, at the same time her recipes look easy enough to do at home. Tieghan lives in Colorado and her food vibe is full flavour. Her impressive sweet offerings and her cocktails all need to be tried!


The New Zealand/Australia travel bubble has opened so it’s time to pack your elastic pants and get yourself a ticket to Sydney. This Instagram account does the hard work (yeah right) of finding the most indulgent spots to eat in this brilliant city. While Melbourne usually gets all of the food kudos, Sydney packs an impressive punch on the flavour scales. This foodie account is not for the faint hearted, some of it’s pretty heart-attack-inducing, maybe best to just lick your phone!



If you’re looking at this list thinking ‘great, but I’m not going to Sydney and there’s no way I’m going to start cooking for myself.’ Don’t worry there are NZ based foodie’s that capture our food landscape and lay it all out on Insta for your viewing pleasure. Oksana Zhang is one of our best. Her food photography is stunning and she travels the country finding the best restaurants and cafes for you to invest your money and time in.
Oksana Zhang


My fiancé can’t cope with gluten and it might have meant the end for us very early on, if gluten free food hadn’t come such a long way. Georgeats is a magician when it comes to cooking gluten free, her Instagram feed doesn’t look gluten free, and that’s how you know that magic is happening. Home made chocolate chunk cookies, cakes, pastas and more all gluten free and lots of vegan options as well.



This has been the hardest blog piece to put together, I have literally had three snack breaks as I’ve compiled this list. What I’ve learnt from my time delving into the foodie scene on Instagram is that social media really lends itself to food conversations. It’s so easy to connect with people we hardly know over food and following foodies doesn’t give you any negative feelings that other sorts of Insta accounts are known to do. None of these accounts will make you feel terrible but they might make you feel hungry!


Author: Bianca Richardson-Read
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