Places to stay that invite the outside, inside;

Places to stay that invite the outside, inside;

New Zealand is a small country but what it packs within it’s borders is nothing short of a miracle. From up the top in Cape Reinga to the southern shores of Stewart Island, the changes in landscape provide a feast for the senses. The beauty in our natural habitats inspire us in life while also providing some truly special spots for memory-making. These are our favourite places to enjoy the great outdoors even as the temperature drops... 

Treehouses evoke memories of childhood, where a day in the backyard could take you as far as your imagination would allow. But why should kids get all the fun? The Fairytale Treehouse in Whangarei, just north of Auckland feels whimsical, like something straight from a picture book. It has all the adult trappings like a luxurious bath and a comfy double bed that elevate the experience. The property has been built around a tree and provides a range of nooks and crannies to rewind and relax in.

Washpen Falls

Windwhistle, Canterbury

Have you ever wanted to touch the sky? It feels as if it might almost be possible when staying at Moonlight Peak. You can stargaze from bed through the skylights and wake to an awe inspiring view over the Wairarapa countryside. Relax all day and enjoy the scenery from bed or open the windows wide to let the outside in. The interior is paired back and includes a fully functioning kitchen and a wood burner for the cooler days and nights. Isolation has never felt so luxurious.

Moonlight Peak

Wairarapa, Hawke's Bay

There is a place you can go where there is literally no bad side of the bed to wake up on. Woodpecker Hut close to Punakaiki is such a place. This stunning hut is set on the cliff top on the Great Coast Highway. The west coast of the South Island is dramatic and this simple yet chic setting is the best place to enjoy the view over some of New Zealand’s wilder scenery. The hut is tastefully decorated which means the surroundings are the main attraction. Enjoy a glass of wine in the tub on the balcony while watching the ocean crash below.

Fairytale Treehouse

Whangarei, Northland

If you’ve ever wanted to go chasing waterfalls, you might want to head to Canterbury. Tucked away on a private property is a stunning hut that sleeps two. There’s a wood burner and a tiki tub and if you felt up to it a pretty pond with a small rowboat to relax in. An outdoor kitchen allows you to truly revel in the surroundings. And if you wanted to explore the property there’s a two-hour loop track to Washpen Falls through lush native bush. For avid skiers, Mt Hutt Ski field is 20-minutes from the access road to the hut.


Woodpecker Hut

West Coast, Near Punakaiki

Through the last year, we have been given an opportunity to really engage with our local landscape, given that overseas travel has been somewhat curbed. We love that these uncertain times have provided us the opportunity to fall in love with parts of the country that we will return to again and again. Whether you prefer to lounge on tropical shores, hike up volcanoes, ski down mountains or loose yourself in a sanctuary of trees, New Zealand is a travellers dream. Nothing creates a memory like a holiday and in Aotearoa we are spoilt for choice.



Author: Bianca Richardson-Read

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