We love these boutique wineries

We love these boutique wineries

Gold is at the heart of what we do, and while we obviously love to cover ourselves in the shiny stuff, we can also be tempted (very easily) to partake in an afternoon of drinking as much of New Zealand’s favourite golden liquid as possible. New Zealand exported over 230-million litres of Sauvignon blanc in 2019 but fortunately produced enough to leave a few bottles behind for us locals! We all know the bigger wineries by name and from their labels, but what about the smaller operations? We love these boutique wineries for their attention to detail, their stunning settings and because the people who run them are full of pride and passion for what they create. And passion is contagious!

Poderi Chrisci

Waiheke Island, Auckland

Europeans have perfected the art of living, from mid afternoon naps to late dinners and long, slow lunches. Luckily for us, enjoying an Italian style, long lunch is only a ferry ride away. On Waiheke Island you’ll find Poderi Chrisci, a family run winery that was founded in 2008 and is famed for the 'Sunday long lunch’. You need to gather your best friends, the ones who offer top notch chat because you don’t just ‘grab lunch’ here, you while away four glorious hours eating unforgettable food paired with wine. It’s genius really; you immerse yourself in an experience and you make memories that revolve around the wines. The menu is ever changing but the passion is the constant ingredient that holds the entire show together.

Cambridge Road

Martinborough, Wellington

We stumbled (literally it was our third vineyard of the day) upon Cambridge Road in Martinborough and fell in love. We met the owner of the winery - something that is more likely to happen at a smaller vineyard - and were quickly wrapped up in his enthusiasm for the process of wine making. At Cambridge Road they really believe in letting the produce take centre stage. They farm organically and try to do as little as possible to the vines because of a strong belief that it’s better for the wine and ultimately better for us. The setting is simple and honest and the wine - particularly the Naturalist with it’s subtle fizz - is so drinkable you are going to want to organise a cab.

Hans Herzog

Blenheim, Marlborough

Hans Herzog is situated in Blenheim in our most famous wine region - Marlborough. One mans vision has helped to turn 11.5 hectares of land into an iconic winery. All 28-varieties of grape are grown on estate and 100% of their wines are grown, produced and bottled there which is no small feat. The wine is complimented with a restaurant which is truly memorable. To really experience all Hans Herzog has to offer you’ll want to book yourself into the stunning accommodation which is immersed in the vines. It’s not suitable for kids so leave them at home while you pamper yourself and a friend of loved one.


There is nothing so wonderful as driving past a hillside covered in row upon row of majestic grape vines. But wineries are about far more than just grapes, they are about the people who work tirelessly to produce something spectacular for all of us (over the age of 18) to enjoy. It’s invigorating to be surrounded by people who love what they do. So for us, an afternoon at a winery, sipping on somebody’s finest creation is much more than a day out. There are ten wine regions in New Zealand so there’s plenty of places to find inspiration in someone’s life work. We revel in the landscapes from the Marlborough Sounds to Waiheke Island, where we can find kindred souls who thrive on creating things of beauty for others to enjoy.



Author: Bianca Richardson-Read

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